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22-Jun-2020 15:26

He is son to Ronald Wayne Routh, a carpenter and Catherine La Vonne, a teacher.

His mother Catherine worked as a teacher and his father Ronald worked as a carpenter.

The moment of reflection triggered his insatiable thirst to build better fishing products than anyone else.

Lew began experimenting with homegrown bamboo, figuring out the best growths to cut and how to temper and finish the poles so they would keep their shape indefinitely.

However, the only stringed instruments he was interested in were fishing poles. His passion for the sport made for interesting times while growing up along the Gulf coast of Alabama, with every turn of a corner leading him back to fishing.

He and his wife Vivian, or “Bebe,” encountered many trials and tribulations during their early years of marriage while trying to make a living and raise young sons Craig and Casey.

Back in the 1940s, both men were blazing trails for many others to follow, but taking different paths. was an early day Grand Ole Opry star, a one-man show, entertaining with his proven repertoire of songs and jokes.Reeves has made the promise and commitment to return the Lew’s name to its place of prominence in the industry, keying on the same principles by which Lew Childre originally founded the company …