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He swam 2.4 miles (), biked 112 miles () and ran a marathon () back to back to back.

He finished within an hour of the women’s elite winner.

Now, they still won the world championships last season, so it doesn’t really matter.

Apolo Ohno net worth and salary: Apolo Ohno is an American Olympic speed skater who has a net worth of million.

Olympic Talk: Do you have any athletic goals coming up? I knew him, obviously, for years and years as a competing athlete. He is probably one of the few athletes that I don’t keep up with. I think the Koreans are under massive amounts of pressure to retain that legacy that they’ve built for so many decades of being the most dominant force in short track speed skating.

Ohno: I think it’s time for me to look up something. My relationship with South Korea has been a long one, and obviously more highlighted than I think the average individual. I always have a great time when I go to South Korea. I have no doubt and confidence that they’re going to show up prepared and ready, but it’s definitely going to be a much different scenario than they’ve had in the past. I would say the expectation both on the men’s and the women’s side is to have a dominant show on the podium with multiple gold medals, absolutely.

Ohno: The Ironman is probably the closest thing, although I’ve done some amateur-style obstacle-course racing when I was in Asia and Europe. It’s on the old set that they used to use for “The Walking Dead.” It’s like an old metal fabrication warehouse right outside of downtown Atlanta. It’s basically like a massive background full of these crazy obstacles. You look at the years prior, even in Sochi, the South Korean men’s team were nowhere to be found on the podium [no Olympic medals for the first time]. Everyone has superstar players coming out of the woodwork.

It’s what you would imagine Army boot camp times 100. They weren’t even competitive in the slightest degree. It’s no longer the top three of just China, Korea and Canada.

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They know how to train for short track speed skating properly. That’s when I got really excited because I saw this opportunity to tell this story about why people come together, and they do these crazy feats of challenge. Ohno: The men’s world champion was South Korean last season.Olympic Talk: What’s the closest thing you’ve done to a Spartan race? Olympic Talk: Another old rival, Viktor Ahn, struggled a bit at worlds. But to me it wasn’t a clean win, and it definitely wasn’t a dominating win.I had never seen a commitment to that level before in my entire life. S., even to this day, has ever dreamed of putting that many hours of work in. Now, everyone has kind of caught up, and [South Koreans] are still doing the same kind of training they were doing back then. short trackers earned zero individual medals in Sochi. Ohno: Their showings the last couple of years have been very, very lackluster.

Which I think is not exactly the most conducive to achieving that high level of success. I got to the ice rink, and these kids have already been there for an hour.

In 2011, Ohno ran the New York City Marathon in 3 hours, 25 minutes, 12 seconds.