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17-Jan-2020 07:57

They began dating last September after Drummond identified Mc Curdy as his “Woman Crush Wednesday” on Twitter. the shapes weren’t right.” “Okay, I’ve gotta see this guy for the next couple of days, we’re already made a lot of plans.

However, Mc Curdy was less than impressed by Drummond’s efforts in the relationship, which she says lasted for “a week.” The “Sam & Cat” star alluded to the fact that she felt pressure to date Drummond due to the relationship’s massive Twitter following.“I just sort of went for [the first kiss], but it wasn’t great,” Mc Curdy told Holmes. I feel like if I get out of it now, it’s gonna be weird.

For those of you wondering – Drummond is 6’10” and Mc Curdy is 5’3″.

Born and raised in Mid-Southern Upstate New York, Stephen holds a master's degree in public communications.

But Mc Curdy wasn’t always so critical of Drummond.

Andre, 20, had been paying Jennette, 21, attention online for some weeks before she finally tweeted him back in August, and they ended up meeting in person for the first time in L. over Labor Day weekend—a trip that was well-documented on social media, of course. But Jennette reveals in her op-ed that she didn't blindly fall Jennette recalls how the whole thing started when she got hundreds of tweets from fans encouraging her to follow @dre_drummond_ on Twitter, thanks to the "Women Crush Wednesday" posts and other sweet tweets he had devoted to her.

But she admits that she wasn't sold right away and did her research, checking him out on Google and Wikipedia and going way back through his Twitter feed to get a better sense of the guy.

I followed him back on Twitter and sent him a public message.

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We had a brief banter and then he sent me a private message with his phone number.At some point, Drummond, the Pistons’ 20-year old big man developed a crush on the now-21-year old Mc Curdy.