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Now, the big lady is planning to walk down the aisle again with her gay partner after her failed married relationship with her first husband.Let's find out in detail about Lyssa Chapman's past and present relationship.Lyssa Chapman is her father’s true daughter, she followed the footsteps of her father and became the next generation of Bounty Hunter as well as a Bail bondswoman.Apart from being a Bail bondswoman, she is also one of the renowned American businesswomen..” The series also featured her father along with her stepmother, Beth Smith.FOX411: When did you move back in with your father? I had heard Dad was the star of a show but I didn’t know anything about it so when I saw those cameras the first day I was astonished. I feel like at the time he did the best he could do. Somebody put something in my drink and I was out walking the streets at three in the morning. I had been off drugs for about a year but after that I took anything that was mind altering and just put it to the side and really changed my life. ’ I just say ‘God.’ He’s the one role model who’s been there my whole life. I try to do everything I can to make sure they never go through anything I went through. He was really addicted to drugs and really couldn’t get off them. Being a parent and the struggles with drugs that I went through and what I put my children through... He’s the one person who loves me unconditionally and I really feel that if it was not for my relationship with God I would not be standing. If that happened with one of my daughters, I would definitely sit them down, especially if it was about my ex-husband to try and talk it out a little bit. We haven’t seen each other since my sister died in 2006. We’ve got to bring down those teen pregnancies rates and the main way to do that is through information and show them that this life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be but you can be a successful parent even if you have a child at a young age.I would have cracked absolutely but I think she wanted very badly to believe it because she had so many hard feelings towards my father. But I have a great relationship with my Dad, as healthy as we can be. I have my challenges with his wife but I love my family. It doesn’t mean you’re destined to be trash for the rest of your life.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter was pictured Saturday outside an Italian restaurant with a mystery woman, raising speculation among his fans whether he was already back on the market.

The rumors came just months after Dog -- real name Duane Lee Chapman Sr.