Who is prince andrew dating 2016

12-Oct-2020 19:04

Diana thought 3 people in a marriage was rough when all 3 of them were at least alive. She'll probably turn around while walking down the aisle to see if they're carrying her in behind her.[quote]Prince Andrew is no more Prince Phillip's son than Prince Harry is Prince Charles's son. Oh yawn the 'Harry's dad is that polo player' troll.

Harry's face, minus the ginger sideburns is the spit of Charles. Edward is gay because he hated serving in the armed forces and wanted to work in the theatre. At some point, his real mother will come to tuck him in There were many rumours about Charles,that make him at least Bi.

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Sarah has had a string of wealthy boyfriends and just ended a long-term relationship with Manuel Fernandez but that ended several months ago. The Duchess of Cambridge has had enough of the Princess Beatrice over the past couple of weeks.

Quite dull, didn't know half of what he thought he did, but liked women. Elizabeth and Prince Philip were a love match (on her side, anyway) but when she became Queen and the "boss", he couldn't handle it and started cheating on her. That's why he was still hung out with Epstein when he got out of prison.

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