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In October 1995 Ryan died from a gunshot wound inflicted by his brother Grant Harrison.His corneas were removed and donated to Bobby Reno.LEGAL HISTORY Ryan was arrested for murdering Rick Madison (RIP) in 1992.He was sure Carl was the real guilty party and pursued him relentlessly, but Carl had been innocent.

He was horribly guilt-ridden but chose not to admit his crime. Their affair got off to a rocky start because Brett felt that Ryan was using her to get over his feelings for Vicky.Introduction Scene: A grove, to his horse, seeing Vicky Hudson on her runaway steed, "Let's go get her." Exit Scenes: (1995) His hospital bed, to Vicky Hudson, "I love you. I always will." As a ghost, in the Cory mansion living room, to Carl Hutchins, "Remember me." (1997) After Vicky had left him behind in Heaven, "I love you, Vicky. In fact, now that she was a certified psychotic who posed a significant threat to those around her, Ryan was hellbent on arresting her and bringing her to justice for her crimes. It turned out that Carl had had an affair with Ryan's mother, Justine, many years ago, which produced Ryan.GENERAL INFORMATION First Appearance: July 18, 1990 Last Appearance: February 20, 1997 Portrayer: Paul Michael Valley, July 18, 1990 - October 17, 1995; November 1, 1996 - February 20, 1997. When Carl reformed in 1994, Ryan accepted him as his father, and even called him "Dad." Carl was devastated when Ryan was killed in October 1995, and it was all he can do not to succumb to his dark side and seek revenge against Ryan's killer.

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Arrival: Came to take part in an undercover sting operation. Ryan believed that his mother, Justine, died when he was still a baby. By the time she chose to re-enter her son's life, Ryan no longer cared.CURRENT AND FORMER OCCUPATIONS Ryan began working for the Bay City Police Department in the summer of 1990.