Who was river phoenix dating when he died

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Forty-five minutes later, he was dead.”Mathis described going to the bathroom not long after arriving at the club.

When she came out, she said, Phoenix appeared to be a in a scuffle with another man.

That night he was accompanied by his younger brother Joaquin and his younger sister Rain whom he met in the bar.

In the book released in 2013, “Last Night At The Viper Room” it was claimed that the ambulance was called on time, Phoenix could have been saved, but instead, his younger brother guided him out the club saying everything was under control until Phoenix got into a seizure and fell on the ground.

He was known as a vegan, or ultra-vegetarian, who would not eat meat or dairy products or wear leather.”As far as Mathis knew, he was sober during their relationship.“In the days before he died, though, I knew something was going on,” she acknowledged to the Guardian. “I don’t know if that was true, but I remember him saying that.” (function (root) { /* -- Data -- */ root.

Director Peter Bogdanovich, a friend of Phoenix’s who had directed him and Mathis in The Thing Called Love, told Entertainment Weekly in November 1993 that he had suspicions about the company Phoenix was keeping at the time of his death.“We were all worried about the crowd he was with,” Bogdanovich said.

His untimely death’s cause was a speedball he had that night at the club which turned out to be a lethal mixture of cocaine and heroin given the fact that Phoenix had an issue of addiction with heroin.

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Whether it was his young, promising talent, his camera-ready looks, or just his exotic upbringing, he's still fascinating movie fans even twenty years after his death.

Security forced them out of the place by way of a side door, and Mathis followed Phoenix onto the street. She remembered that he yelled back at her, “Leave him alone, you’re spoiling his high.”Mathis attempted to get back into the Viper Room through the side door, but it was closed, so she had to go around to the front.

He fell to the ground and began convulsing, she recalled.“What have you done? She quickly summoned Phoenix’s brother and sister, and Joaquin made the heartbreaking call for help.“I knew he was high that night, but the heroin that killed him didn’t happen until he was in the Viper Room,” Mathis said. They began dating after both were cast in The Thing Called Love..

The couples were dating each other until River Phoenix died on October 31, 1993.

The same year they met, and she was with him that night.

Mathis felt “like the universe wanted me to talk about him,” she said in the new interview.