Withings scale not updating

25-Sep-2019 16:53

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Lastly, I don't know how to interpret the infomration on the individual dashboards.On the same line as the word "Steps" there is a number, i.e.It’s only logical that after some additional entrants this year (Garmin, Under Armour – coming up alongside Fitbit) that that they’d take another crack at the market with a new higher end option.Before we get too far – to be clear Withings sent over both scales for me to try out (Body & Body Cardio). I’ve got both the Withings Body Cardio and Withings Body Scales, but we’ll start with the Withings Body Cardio unboxing first.For example, I today walked 2400 steps according to Withings, but the Health Dashboard shows 10,700 steps (720,000 in smaller print on another line). The data from the Withings scale appears in Health Mate but transfers only erratically to the Health dashboard.It further shows my daily average at 313,000 steps! Walking/Running distance for the days shows 22.5 miles with a daily average of 108 miles..... I've turned on sharing in both applications, then turned it off and on again several times.After upgrading to ios 8.1 I am still having a problem getting my Withings Health Mate data to correctly update my Healt Dashboard.The information that does show up on the different Dashboard widgets is way off.

You’ll notice if you flip the scale over there are no feet on it (which is incredibly unusual for a scale).I've turned on sharing in both applications, then turned it off and on again several times.Withings support says they are looking into the issue.Whereas in the Body Cardio scale, each of those stripes is actually a different sensor strip, giving it significantly more sensor readers.

Also, as I noted earlier, there is a slight height difference between the two scales, though I can’t think of any single case where that’d matter.

Back in June Withings announced two new Wi Fi scales, though only one of them really got any attention – the new Body Cardio scale.