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13-Nov-2019 10:59

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First up: Blizzard says that since they "typically limit the time attendees play a demo," so too is the at-home demo limited -- you'll be logged off after playing a "certain amount of time.

But, because they "to give everyone who wants to play a great experience," they might relax that limitation eventually.

Unfortunately, they may sometimes block your client, with the result that your app won’t start..

If you’re using a third-party program, then be sure to create an exception for Battlenet.

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It can really help if your Battlenet launcher won’t start—so try out these steps!Click on the lock icon to edit your settings, and select “Read & Write” from the dropdown menu.At some point, you’re likely to have had some trouble accessing a certain web page because a cached file on your PC has become corrupted.An oldie, but a goodie: when Battlenet won’t start, Mac and Windows users alike may wish to check if there are any system updates that need to be carried out.

A notable issue affected users of the new High Sierra version of OSX in late 2017, which was later fixed by a further update to the operating system.That’s why it’s important to try and fix whatever is causing the problem, so you can get back up and running in no time.