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13-Nov-2019 21:00

Sure, it lets you cast your net wide with fewer obligations or complications, but in my experience apps also seem to allow people to think they can get away with flippant behaviour and bad etiquette on dates because they don't “know” other users and never have to see them again.

If we're going to go down the on-demand road, I'd personally quite like Raichyk to develop a user rating system, similar to e Bay, where ex-dates could leave helpful feedback on whether they offered to pay, and if they smelled nice, and why they were - in HR terms - just not quite right for the position.

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Raichyk explains: “Our plan is to continually provide users with useful paid upgrades instead of interrupting the experience with ads.” Because who would want to interrupt the incredible "experience" of falling in love through an iphone screen, eh?

I wish it had been this easy and fun back when I was single.

I was always anxious about having to go out to meet people.

I can’t help but feel I’d have excelled in this environment.

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I’d have written witty and clever anecdotes about myself (ones I surely would flub if I had to say them in person) and people would have seen the “real” me, instead of a stammering and self-conscious version of myself that tended to appear in bars and at parties.

The program is funny, sad, charming, and tragic, and my wife and I find it compelling television.

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The site does provide good safety information to its members to help keep them safe and encourages users to report members who do not follow the site's guidelines or are abusive to other members.… continue reading »

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