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07-Apr-2020 20:02

It’s much, much easier to find someone or something else to blame for our shortcomings. Some men struggle with women because they’re socially awkward, or they’re not presenting themselves well, or they have a negative attitude that women find unattractive. An easier pill to swallow is to simply blame other people for your failures.That guy who was my classmate in school and is now getting paid more than I am? It’s much easier for them to blame feminism, or to claim that women don’t like nice guys, or to say that women are all irrational creatures and that’s why they can’t get a girlfriend. But every dread game you play cuts her emotionally.

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This is the most selfish thing I’ve written so far. I mean, look at that post at the bottom of the screen “7 Tips on keeping a Plate”. Frowning causes wrinkles.” Does that sound like a bunch of nonsense to you? I’m actually now scared to continue dating this girl now because I feel like eventually I’ll be the boring guy she is dating and she’ll cheat on me eventually with the Red Pill guy.