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“But spending time together means the focus should be solely on the both of you—not the workplace or online drama.” Her advice? “Even if you’re an absolute fire hazard when cooking, she’ll at least appreciate the effort you put in.

But don’t be discouraged if she suggests take out next time!

Watch out for men, not ghosts, and Last Summer proves the old saying that the living are scarier than the dead.” – Kong Rithdee , Deputy Life Editor of Bangkok Post.

The world of dating can often seem like a peculiar game of strategy.

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Good Morning Sunshine so fascinating that readers can hardly put it down.

If I think I’m going to really be into the person I won’t drink for at least the first half of the date so I can see if I actually like him, or it’s wine that I like,” she said.instead of going out for drinks on a first date?

Well, coffee’s always a safe option, a gig/event/comedy show could be fun, the movies (classic), an activity like bowling or laser tag, a walk, checking out a market, brunch, the beach, brunch AT the beach.

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The movie was released in theater on 27 June 2013 and grossed 30 million THB.

There’s no doubt about it – suggesting “a drink” is the easiest approach to asking someone out for the first time.