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07-Oct-2020 08:14

I’ve been on it for a short time, and I must say I’m still wary of it, for diverse reasons. With Facebook, I’ve stayed in touch with family members that are spread out across the world and reconnected with old friends.

I’ve exchanged inside jokes with a friend who moved away, found out another has had five kids since I last saw her a decade ago, and learned how my niece is getting along teaching English in Rio de Janeiro (complete with lots of pictures.) But I’ve also learned that another niece got a speeding ticket for going 60 in a 30-mph zone.

And I myself put the word out that I got a shard in my eye and had to spend the night looking like a pirate with a patch on my eye.

I’ve also seen how some people on my friends list (so far a paltry 12), have hundreds of “friends” of their own. And this is the part I don’t get: How is more somehow always better?

Agreed, Facebook and texting and twittering and other networking tools are a clever way to stay in touch and share your life with others, but doesn’t it get to the point where it’s all just a shallow and narcissistic exercise?

When I see students in the university town where I live talking on cell phones while on a bicycle or even a Once, at an impromptu Q & A I attended at a local community college, a young student decided to text with someone while he was just in front of the director of the program he was trying to be admitted to.

Someone else is not feeling well today (with a friend thinking it was because she was pregnant.) Another announced she wanted to do some spring cleaning but took a nap instead.

“The judges were unanimous on which dishes were good,” said Taherian.

“We only disagreed over whether they had too much or too little salt.”So for what might just have been one of the gloomiest days on campus, the competition certainly brought a sense of cheer to students, dining hall managers and administrators alike.

It was so distracting that I had to step in front of the student to hear the teacher.

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And that’s the part I’ll never get: Why did he think it was okay to do this? I don’t think he gave a second thought to the people around him.

He’s an architecture major (though he insisted, “there’s actually a very long tradition of great architects being chefs.”) Of the appetizer, salmon ceviche, and main course, Eastern salmon sampler, that one Morse the prize, Adkisson called the conception of the recipe “a collaborative effort.