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In some cases, Zelda herself has ruled over the land as matriarch of the Royal Family as well, such as during the Twili invasion of Hyrule.

Hyrule is typically divided into various provinces and most of the various races pledge their allegiance to the central government headed by the Royal Family.

These three goddesses are the most highly-revered of all deities throughout the entire realm of Hyrule, as they were responsible for the creation of Hyrule and all who live in it.

The people have also been known to worship the essences of these goddesses, which live within the almighty relic the goddesses created, the mythical Triforce.

These figures, alongside the Sages, act as chief members of Hyrule's theological sphere.

|captionalign = center }} Hyrule's form of government has remained relatively consistent throughout its history, with an ancient monarchy, the Royal Family of Hyrule, ruling over the lower-caste citizens of the kingdom from Hyrule's capital city, Hyrule Castle Town.

they will shrink in fear whenever Wolf Link passes by them.

The guards have been unsuccessful in defending Hyrule in more recent games, falling to the army led by Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time as well as being overpowered by the forces of twilight led by Zant.

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However, these guards were also very wary of when evil took over their kingdom.

Several towns in The Adventure of Link have churches, and a lone priest that resides at the Sanctuary in A Link to the Past helped smuggle Zelda out of Agahnim's clutches.

Renado is the village shaman of Kakariko Village in Twilight Princess and the unofficial leader of the village.

The Royal Family itself rules from the seat of government in the land of Hyrule, Hyrule Castle, the namesake of the capital.

The government is typically headed by the King of Hyrule, and his heir in most depictions of Hyrule is his daughter or descendant, Princess Zelda.The kingdom has its own long and unique history with many wars and conflicts over the Triforce, deities, legendary relics, historical heroes and villains.

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